Essential Computer SkillsFetac Level 4 Major Award in Essential Computer Skills

Learners who want to achieve a FETAC Level 4 award in Essential Computer Skills must complete the following eight modules. Learners will be required to provide skills demonstrations, pass examinations and compile collections of work for the different subjects. Note: these modules may be subject to change and are in no specific order:

  • IT Skills
  • Computer Applications
  • Web Design
  • Communications
  • Work Experience
  • Team Working
  • Workplace Safety
  • Mathematics


To achieve the major award candidates must achieve a minimum pass grade in all 8 modules.

On successful completion of the major award, candidates will be able to apply through the CAO system, or directly to FE colleges for entry into further education. Candidates will also acquire the knowledge to go into employment with a strong computing element.

Throughout the course, it is hoped that learners will also achieve ECDL certification as well as learning the fundamentals of hardware, software and how circuit boards work.

Further Information

This will be the first year of running the Essential Computer Skills course. It is aimed at giving students an insight into the fundamental skills required to start work in the computer industry or in any other field with a strong computing element.

We hope to run a Level 5 course in eBusiness in 2019/20 and this Level 4 course will provide the perfect introduction to that (or indeed to continuing further study in the field elsewhere).

Course Add-ons

It is hoped that the students will also complete the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) during the year which is an internationally recognised qualification in office software.

We will also be looking at circuit boards, how to program them and the basics of computer programming to produce simple games and animations.

Expression of Interest Form

Those interested in a place on the course should complete the form from the link below (click on submit when finished). Course for 2018/19 closed for admissions as all places taken.
Essential Computer Skills Expression of Interest Form

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