GYNG Empowering Young PeopleGorey Youth Needs Group (GYNG) was first established in 1995 and has since proven it’s commitment to supporting young people and their families living in the Gorey area. We achieve this through the provision of professional and effective youth services.

We work directly with young people, often in collaboration with other agencies. We helpĀ  them to address their issues and empower them to make small or significant changes that will have a positive impact on their lives.

GYNG works hard to help children and young people reach their full potential by voluntary participation in a range of services, activities, workshops, projects, personal development programmes & pursuits.

GYNG provides a safe environment with a positive atmosphere where young people are made to feel comfortable, respected, valued and are encouraged to just be themselves.

Gorey Youth Needs Group is a registered charity funded by TUSLA – Child & Family Agency. It is also resourced from grant opportunities from Government Funding, donations, local fundraising efforts and support from the Community Employment Programme.

We have continued to grow since first opening our doors and today GYNG, in its building on Mary Ward Lane, is comprised of:

  • Little Daisies community based child care centre
  • YOLOS (Youth Opportunities Local Outcomes Service) community based youth project which aims to support young people, and their families, particularly those who are or who may be at risk of experiencing social exclusion.
  • GYTI (Gorey Youth Training Initiative) Local Training Initiative offering Level 5 and Level 4 courses (in Sport and Computers respectively).

As of January 2013 a new premises was opened in Courtown with it’s own Local Training Initiative and YOLOS service.Find us on Facebook

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