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QQI Level 5 Major Award in eBusiness
We are running a QQI Level 5 computer course in eBusiness for the year 2021-22. We hope to be starting the induction in mid to late September. Learners will be assessed via a mixture of skills demonstrations, project work and exams.
Note: these modules may be subject to change and are in no specific order:

  • eBusiness
  • The Internet
  • Web Design
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Database Methods
  • Word Processing
  • Work Experience
  • Team Working



This programme is designed for early school leavers, long term unemployed, those on sickness benefit and those looking to return to employment after a long absence for whatever reason. It is aimed at giving students an insight into the fundamental skills required to go on to further study in a similar or related field (or maybe even take their first steps on the career ladder in the ICT sector).

To achieve the major award, candidates must achieve a minimum pass grade in all 8 modules.

Course Add-ons

It is also envisaged that learners will complete two City & Guilds modules in conjunction with the above. These will be effectively Level 5 awards on the QQI scale (Level 3 in City & Guilds) and will be in the subject areas of Web Development and Principles of Social Media in Business.

The following course add-ons may be subject to revision depending upon the COVID-19 restrictions in place at the time.

It is also hoped that the students will also complete the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) during the year which is an internationally recognised qualification in office software.

We also hope to be looking at circuit boards, how to program them and the basics of computer programming to produce simple games and animations.

Candidates will also have the opportunity to gain a Gaisce Bronze award.

Expression of Interest Form

Those interested in a place on the course starting in October 2020 should complete the form from the link below (click on submit when finished).
eBusiness Expression of Interest Form


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